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Once you own a safe from American Safe you can rest assured that your precious commodities are protected from fire. Most of our products carry an U.L. rating.

You have probably seen this rating on various household appliances and devices such as fire extinguishers, and water heaters. U.L. stands for Underwriters Laboratories, which is renowned for its thorough and rigorous testing and is trusted by many industries to be the standard in safety. U.L. not only designates the fire ratings but also how burglary safe our products are.

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Used Safes San Jose carries a large variety of used safes. Our used safes come in various sizes and configurations that are suited to your needs. If you need a used fire proof safe, home safe, burglary safe or any kind of safe for your valuables and documents we probably have the safe you need. The safes we sell are fire resistant, burglar resistant and fire/burglar resistant. There are a number of different locking options. For example, we can install electronic locks on any safe that has a combination lock. Whether you need one safe or several safes we are sure to have a safe for you.

New Safes

Used Safes San Jose offers a full line of new safes and vaults for your security needs. Your business can easily manage its loose cash with depository and under counter safes which have varying degrees of burglary and fire protection. Hotel and residential safes offer convenience with electronic programmable locks for storing your credit cards, jewelry, guns, and important documents such as
birth certificates, social security cards, and credit card information.

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